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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 18, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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the >>vicki: umph the north korean leader died for. his third son will take over control of the third period. south korea has cut its military on high alert in response to the death of north korea's leader. >>vicki: a heartfelt returned. nearly one dozen national guard troops return the puree it is
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today, da lin join family members the emotional homecoming. >>da: they waited months for this homecoming. >> and i'm just excited. >> i feel happy. >>da: close to a dozen army national guard's arrived at oakland international and iran for her husband. the soldier spent 10 months in afghanistan. >> this is a big relief for us.
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>>da: for these proud soldiers, they say there is no place like home. >>vicki: the war in afghanistan will be the military's focus for the time being. the u.s. has now completed its combat mission in iraq.
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>>maureen: the four women you see are mothers of soldiers that have fought in iraq, afghanistan or both. if you have sons still on active duty and all have mixed emotions about troops pulling out. none of them feel 100 percent relieved. >> for me it was anticlimactic. our men and women of the best in the world.
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>> i have a feeling that many of them will get some other places. there is a concern that things will fall apart. >> i think about how much our country has lost in terms of military personnel who have lost lives, lambs or are suffering. i am concerned about those who are stirred into the veterans to.
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>> i hope the american people and never forget the lives lost if the employees that have suffered. >>vicki: the nine year war took its toll on americans and iraqis. dozens of residents remain without a
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home, 63 apartments were damaged in a fire in alameda county. the cost of the damage is estimated at 1.5 million. >> people were running, there were carrying their heads colored kid sphere were screaming trying to find their parents. it was crazy. >>maureen: her mother had just arrived from for route to visit for the holidays and her apartment was destroyed by the fires. now, she and her mother are staying in a nearby hotel. >> all of our preparations for christmas are gone.
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>> they said that they are doing assessments on smoke levels. that is my biggest anxiety.
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>> low clouds have filled into the bay. we have fog beginning to form in the north bay. look for low clouds bayside moving into the day. >>vicki: at 1:15 a.m. is, someone opened fire on the least serious seventh
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afternoon, police a 25 year- old man was killed on fruitvale avenue. police have not made arrests in any of those shootings. witt will tell you how police are cracking down on drunk drivers coming up and the violent clashes between police and protesters in egypt. we also have a video of full of accident that you have to see to believe and lindsay lohan in playboy.
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and >>vicki: the parking lot was packed at the powell street plaza. this was one of the busiest shopping days of the year. the authorities are well aware of the holiday hustle and they are cracking down on drunk drivers.
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coming up, we will show you how the raiders did.
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>>vicki: military combat in iraq has ended after nearly nine years. >> a lot of hugs, a cheer, joy and relief as soldiers pulled out of our rock. a
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historical moment there will never forget. an army official had one word to describe how he felt. one official says it is good to see hard work pay off. >> this has been and planning for more than a year. a tremendous amount of coordination and synchronization. >> i am concerned about our rapid withdrawal. we have
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sacrificed a lot of lives and soldiers injured. in the military has called this the final tactical from mark. >> of violent clashes between police and protesters in egypt as protesters demanded for the ruling military to step down immediately. before dawn, security-check security forces raided encampment. sally's 10 people have been killed. in the philippines, a demonstration--devastation continues to mount. hundreds
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remain missing. >>brian: here is a view of san francisco from earlier tonight. we have low clouds moving into the bay this evening. temperatures right now are in the 40's. there are a few fifties still left around. here is a look at the satellite you. we have to what weather but completely dry in northern california. we're stuck in a pattern where the storm track is being diverted to the north's and there are no latrines is in sight. this and dry weather pattern is firmly locked in place.
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low clouds and fog will stick around since the morning. the good news is, temperatures have been pretty cold. that has made for some good snowmaking conditions. the low clouds and patchy fog. sunshine and clear skies into the afternoon with temperatures starting in the mid '30's. a
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cold start. not quite as cool as will we have seen in the past few days. for the afternoon, mid-upper 50s. here is the 7 day around the bay booking all the way into christmas. it is dry and will be pretty nice. >>vicki: a horrific crime in new york. an elderly woman was doused with chemicals and set on fire in side of an elevator. it was all caught on surveillance camera. the suspect claimed he had done work for the woman.
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>> the raiders fell to the detroit lions. their raiders are now 7-7 on the season. if you plan on attending the
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game with the 49ers and the steelers, officials are devising the you get there early because of the rush- hour traffic. there are special pregame activities also scheduled. >>vicki: and unman the electric car plowed into the coach and several others. several people were treated for minor injuries.
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>>vicki: hugh hefner twisted that the january/february issue of playboy is breaking sales records. brittany's
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the years is just engaged to her longtime manager. neal lane says her engagement ring is flat and with a round diamond and 90 small diamonds circling the band. the sherlock holmes sequel was top at the box office. it sold $40 million worth of tickets. another franchise cold and 23 million. mission impossible, goes a protocol made $13 million.
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>>vicki: the broncos had this charming halftime spectacle. there you go. enough said. good night.
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